Green light for curly hair

What do Ariana Grande, Rochelle Humes and Susanna Reid have in common? They are all beautiful women with curly hair who have let go of the hair straightener for a more natural look.

As shown by the growing interest in hair highlighted by Google, not only celebrities, but British women too have decided to embrace their beauty, to accept themselves and give free rein to what nature has given them, including curly hair!

Curly hair interest

Finally women like you have decided to fully embrace their natural beauty! 
However, curly-haired women know it: it is difficult to give volume and have defined and elastic curls, but mostly it is a constant fight against the frizz. It seems impossible to find an effective method to dry the curls without damaging them.

People with curly hair never know what to expect from their curls. There are several causes that can affect the texture: the weather, indoor and outdoor environmental factors. Curly hair behaves differently depending on the moisture in the air: the higher the humidity, the tamer the hair tends to look. In general, curly hair is drier and less porous than straight hair, therefore it requires less frequent washing.

How to dry curly hair without damaging it

An in-depth study on curly hair, how it is made and what the main requirements for perfect drying are, led to the creation of Bellissima Diffon DF 1 1000 by Imetec, the first and only all-in-one hair dryer and diffuser. Those who have tried the "DIFFON method" to dry and take care of curly hair will never go back! The results are outstanding. If you love your curly hair, we recommend gentle drying with the perfect mix of air and temperature that only DIFFON can achieve.

The frizz, the lack of elasticity, the lack of volume at the roots, are all problems that you can solve with a constant use of DIFFON in your curly hair routine.

Staying true to ourselves is important for our self-esteem, taking care of our curly hair is a way to enhance the best version of ourselves every day.

Enter now the world of Bellissima DIFFON DF1 1000 by Imetec and discover how to take care of your curly hair.

Why do we have curly hair?

The explanation lies in the genetics that decides for us what kind of hair follicle we get. If the follicle cavity is circular the hair grows straight, since the proliferation of cells in the matrix is the same in every spot. If, on the contrary, the follicle is more or less oval, cell proliferation happens at different speeds and the hair grows more and more wavy until it becomes curly.




Correlation between hair follicles and curly hair.

Different types of curly hair

In nature there are different types of curly hair; wavy and ringlet hair also falls into the curly category. There are very thick wavy hair, wide diameter curls, spiral curls, corkscrew curls, up to the tightest curl, namely afro hair. The extreme care and attention that you need to show off top-shape hair is what the different types of curls all have in common.