The Diffon Steps

The Diffon method: the step-by-step guide for beautiful curls.

Remove excess water with a towel
Tease out any knots
Apply your favourite curly haircare products
Dry the lengths with speed 2
Then give volume to the roots with speed 1
Scrunch your curls and smooth through with your favourite finishing oil for maximum shine
Go show off your beautiful bouncy curls!

Diffon Features

  • Diffon has two drying levels
  • Start with level 2 to hair quickly (after you’ve squeezed out excess water)
  • Then use level 1 to define the hairstyle and give volume to the roots
  • Remember that Diffon is a 2-in-1 hair dryer and diffuser, specifically designed for drying naturally curly hair.
  • Diffon has 700 W of power and this is the secret to gently dry your naturally curly hair, without making it dry and frizzy.
  • Long curly hair? With Diffon it will take a few more minutes to dry your long curly hair, defined, beautiful curls like never before.
  • Curls a little flat? You can also use Diffon to revive your hairstyle: spray a little water on your hair and scrunch your curls with Diffon level 1.